A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Twinora is an anime-styled RPG where you clear dungeons, face unique monsters, and collect items to get stronger! Prepare to find treasure and learn new abilities throughout your journey with your best friend.

The game now has a page on Steam, available here!

As we continue to prepare the game page setup on Steam, we can keep you posted on our progress on social media!


While we don't list the controls in-game, they will be shown here:

General Controls:

ActionMouse & KeyboardXbox Controller
WASD keys
Left analog stick (XY)
Move faster
Left Shift
Dolly ("zoom") camera in/outMouse ScrollwheelR3 + (LT or RT)

Dungeon Controls:

ActionMouse & KeyboardXbox Controller
AttackLeft Mouse Button (LMB)
Aim (prevent movement)
Right Mouse Button (RMB)
Use first skill
1    (Alpha 1)
Use second skill
2    (Alpha 2)

Camp Controls:

ActionMouse & KeyboardXbox Controller
Rotate camera
Mouse Movement
Right analog stick (XY)


This game is currently unavailable

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