A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore Mark's dreams and nightmares in a dark castle with the magical abilities he's always dreamed of! Mark's Adventure is planned to become a fully-fledged RPG (role-playing game) where you experience the world as Mark, a kid who loves learning and magic, and wants to train to become stronger! Curious to explore, he meets many friends and foes along the way, and learns more about the world outside his quiet hometown, while learning more about himself in the process.

More details about Mark's Adventure coming soon! This is a project in early stages of development, aiming to be a small action adventure RPG with local multiplayer.

Note that the game does not tell you all of the controls, so here they are:

MoveArrow keys
AttackRight ctrl key
Switch camera mode
Backtick (`)
Move camera
Mouse movement
Toggle lock on (to an enemy)
MMB (Middle mouse button click)
Escape Menu
ESC (Escape key)
Mark's Skill: Flash Vortex
0 key
Mark's Skill: Lunar's Blessing
2 key
Player 2: Move
WASD keys
Player 2: Attack
Left ctrl key
Open Skill Book

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Install instructions

1. Download the zipped archive.
2. Find it on your computer and extract it.
3. Inside the newly extracted folder, double click on the file "Mark's Adventure.exe" to run the game.


Mark's Adventure v3.1.1 - Windows.zip 41 MB
Mark's Adventure v3.1.1 - Linux.zip 52 MB
Mark's Adventure v3.1.1 - MacOS.zip 45 MB

Development log


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Any future plans to add some basic graphic settings customization options?
(for my system it would be probably enough a lower resolution option to about 1024x768 or better 800x600 and all fancy stuff like anti-alias. / DOF / Blurr  etc.. switchable off).


Hey, thanks for stopping by! I've stopped working on this project for now, but I think that would be a great idea! I'll come back if I have any update on progress with it :)